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Friday, May 8 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Saturday, May 9 9:00 a.m. to Noon

Join us for our annual Spring Plant Sale!

Volunteers and Master Gardeners will be on hand to help with selections and to give advice about placement, care and maintenance. Choose from hydrangeas, perennials, roses, companion plants, native and butterfly plants and so much more.

See below for specifics on plant selections that will be available. Then plan to get here early - these featured plants will sell out fast!

Hydrangea - Annabelle
Hydrangea - Bobo
Hydrangea - Dooley
Hydrangea - Fire Light
Hydrangea - Gatsby's Gal
Hydrangea - Gatsby's Gal
Hydrangea - Gatsby's Moon
Hydrangea - Gatsby's Star
Hydrangea - Harmony
Hydrangea - Harmony
Hydrangea - Limelight
Hydrangea - Little Lamb
Hydrangea - Little Lime
Hydrangea - Nikko Blue
Hydrangea - Pee Wee
Hydrangea - Snowflake
Hydrangea - Cityline Berlin
Hydrangea - Cityline Mars
Hydrangea - Cityline Paris
Hydrangea - Cityline Rio
Hydrangea - Cityline Venice
Hydrangea - Cityline Vienna
Hydrangea - Gatsby's Pink
Hydrangea - Incrediball
Hydrangea - LD Moonlight
Hydrangea - LD Rave
Hydrangea - LD Starlight
Hydrangea - Zinfin Doll

Companion plants and Roses
Banana shrub
Fern - Autumn Brilliance
Fern - Tassel
Jasmine - Madison
Lenten Rose
Lilac - Syringa Bloomerang
Pachysandra - Green Sheen
Pachysandra - Silver Edge
Pearl bush - Snowday Blizzard
Pittosporum - varigated
Rose - David Austin Darcy Bussell
Rose - David Austin Mary Rose
Rose - David Austin Munstead Wood
Rose - David Austin Princess Ann
Rose - David Austin Tranquility
Sky pencil
Spirea - japonica
Viburnum - Eastern Snowball
Viburnum - Lil Ditty
Viburnum - Shiny Dancer

Native and Butterfly Plants
Azalea - Alabama
Azalea - Florida
Azalea - Lemon Drop
Azalea - Lollipop
Azalea - Oconee
Azalea - Parade
Azalea - Pink Phlox
Azalea - Plumleaf
Azalea - Swamp
Azalea - Sweet
Black-eyed Susans
Blazing Star
Buttefly bush - Lo and Behold Pink Micro Chip
Butterfly bush - Attraction
Butterfly bush - Black Knight
Butterfly bush - Golden Glow
Butterfly bush - Lo and Behold Blue Chip Jr
Butterfly bush - Lo and Behold Ice Chip
Butterfly bush - Lo and Behold Purple Haze
Cardinal Flower
Coneflower - purple
Joe Pye Weed
Lantana - Cherry Sunrise
New England Aster
Passion Flower
Pitcher plants - hybrid
Purple Coneflower
Swamp Milkweed

Astilbe - Bridal Veil
Coral Bells - Black Beauty
Coral Bells - Fire Chief
Coral Bells - Marvelous Marble
Daylily - All About Eve
Daylily - Almond Puff (AG)
Daylily - American Freedom
Daylily - Angels Reaching
Daylily - Broadway Valentine
Daylily - Chance Encounter (AG)
Daylily - Chevron Spider
Daylily - Cotton Candy Crimper
Daylily - Dominic
Daylily - Festive Fall
Daylily - Huntsville Memories
Daylily - Karen's Curls
Daylily - Mysterious Eyes
Daylily - Nosferatu
Daylily - Real Wind
Daylily - Rock Solid
Daylily - Ruby Spider (AG)
Daylily - Savannah Sunshine
Daylily - Sentinel Pink Burst
Daylily - Space Coast Gold Bonanza
Daylily - String Bikini
Daylily - Sunset Lagoon
Daylily - Tangerine Horses (AG)
Daylily - Tooth
Daylily - Truchas Sunrise
Daylily - Wild Wookie
Daylily - Winning Note
Heuchera - Black Beauty
Heuchera - Fire Chief
Heuchera - Marvelous Marble
Hosta - Blue Giant
Hosta - Drinking Gourd
Hosta - Fire and Ice
Hosta - Francee
Hosta - Guacamole
Hosta - So Sweet
Lily - Red Hot Poker
Phlox - Blue Paradise
Red Hot Poker - Echo Rojo