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Bonsai Society Members Workshop

Saturday, September 5, 2020
9:00 am12:00 pm
Education Building at Aldridge Gardens
Bonsai Society Members Workshop

The Bonsai Society Members Workshop will be held at Aldridge Gardens in our NaphCare Education Building. Please bring your trees to work on with John.

In order to provide space for more people, this workshop will be held twice during the month. Once on the first Saturday and another on the second Saturday. The workshop will be the same both times. Each class will be limited to nine people plus John, for a total of 10 people in the room.

Bonsai Members will need to register here (use the register now button at the top of this page) and may only attend one of the workshops per month in order to be fair to everyone.

If you are not yet a Bonsai Member, but are interested, please register to join us and learn about the art of Bonsai.