Featured Plants

Teasing Georgia Rose
This David Austin® yellow rose features inner petals in the form of a deep yellow cup with outer petals falling back and fading to pale yellow in a two-tone effect. It is appearing for the first time at Aldridge Gardens along with 10 other David Austin varieties.
Photo courtesy davidaustinroses.com

White Feathers Hosta
This is a truly unique hosta with white leaves in the spring that transform into a blend of cream and green will add magic to your garden. Add flowers like lavender with this plant and it will illuminate your landscape. The white is showy and bright.
This is the first time Aldridge Gardens has had White Feathers Hostas during the spring sale.
Photo courtesy edenbrothers.com

Gatsby’s Star Hydrangea
This oak leaf hydrangea cultivar features beautiful double white flowers. The unique flowers are pointed in the shape of small stars instead of being rounded.
Gatsby's Star Hydrangea is offered for the first time at the Aldridge Garden’s annual spring plant sale along with Gatsby’s Gal and Gatsby’s Moon.
Photo courtesy provenwinners.com

Plumleaf Azalea
The signature plant of the world famous Callaway Gardens, this native azalea grows 15' or more in full sun to part shade. It features red flowers in summer and attracts butterflies, bees and hummers. It's being offered for the first time at the annual spring sale, along with 13 other native and hybrid azaleas.
Photo courtesy: statebystategardening.com

Snowflake Oakleaf Hydrangea
This is Aldridge Gardens' showcase plant with its large flower heads of intricate double blossoms. It is absolutely beautiful in full bloom and also produces outstanding fall color.