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Making the Gardens Accessible for Everyone

We are constantly making improvements to enable more people to experience the beauty and walking trails of Aldridge Gardens. Here are just some of the ways we've been making the Gardens more accessible. 

The Cawaco Grant

The pathway near our entrance, leading into our hydrangea garden and picnic area, would occasionally flood after heavy rain. Standing water on the path would prevent easy access to a key part of our grounds. Through a grant from the Cawaco RC&D Council, the path was extended 65+/- linear feet. In doing so, were able to install a drain pipe and a brick pathway (replacing crushed stone) that raised the lowest part of the path by 10 inches. This helped to provide a more clear and safe path into one of the most popular areas of our Gardens. We are grateful for this grant and were happy to use it in making Aldridge Gardens more accessible for everyone, especially after a big rain. 


The Holle Grant

In 2020, our walking trail was modified from 90% accessible, as defined by the US Forest Service Trail Accessibility Guidelines, to 100% accessible -- thanks to funding by the Holle Family Foundation Grant along with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama. The new section of the trail, a crushed stone walkway, was installed by Paving Stone of Alabama to bypass a steep grade. However, the original steep part of the trail was not removed. This way, people who want a more strenuous walk can still use the old section. We are excited that this trail modification will allow more people to access and enjoy our grounds here at Aldridge Gardens.


Download a self-guided tour map of Aldridge Gardens.
It is a PDF file that you can view on a mobile device or print at home and bring with you. Click the link below to get the file.