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Plants Selected for 2024 Spring Sale

The following list is subject to change due to availability and while supplies last.

• Big Leaf: Bloomstruck (ES), Eclipse, Endless Summer Original, Let’s Dance Skyview, Summer Crush (ES), Twist and Shout (ES)
• Climbing hydrangea: Decumaria (native)
• Oakleaf: Common Oakleaf, Pee Wee, Ruby Slippers
• Panicle: Berry White, Firelight Tidbit, Limelight, Limelight Prime, Little Hottie, Little Lime, Little Lime Punch, Phantom, Puffer Fish, Quick Fire Fab
• Smooth: Annabelle, Invincibelle Sublime, Invincibelle Wee White

• Asters: Honey Song Pink, Stoke’s Peachie’s Pink
• Basil: Lemon, Prospera Italian
• Bee Balm: Raspberry Wine
• Bee Blossom (Gaura Bells): Sparkle White
• Butterfly Bush: Blue Heaven, CranRazz, Dapper Lavender, Tutti Frutti
• Goldenrod: Fireworks
• Grass: Blue-eyed
• Lantana: Lucky Flame, Lucky Sunrise Rose
• Million Bells: Double Orange Tastic, Double Pink Tastic
• Mint: Mojito, Peppermint
• Petunia: Super Vista Bubblegum
• Phlox: Blue Moon, Texas Pink
• Rhododendron (Azalea): Admiral Semmes, Appalachian Gold, Augie’s Red, Candy Striper, Carousel, Evening Sunset, Father Ryan, Great Balls of Fire, King’s Trumpeter, My Mary, Pat Ryan, Radiant Red, Sunny Side Up
• Sage: Pineapple
• Salvia: Black n Blue, Hot Lips, Mystic Spires Blue, Vista Purple, Vista Red
• Sedum: Autumn Joy, Lemon Ball, Neon
• Yarrow: Moonshine, Paprika
• Zinnia: Profusion Double Mix, Profusion Double Deep Salmon, Profusion Red-Yellow Bicolor

Other Natives and Butterfly Plants
Black-Eyed Susan, Blue False Indigo (Baptista), Clematis (Mrs. Cholmondeley), Flat Leaf Parsley, Phenomenal Lavender, Purple Cone Flower, Turk’s Cap, Sunny Border Blue Speedwell, Variegated oregano, Walker’s Low Catmint

• Begonia: Dragon Wing, Strawberry
• Boxwood: Sprinter
• Caladium: Peppermint, Raspberry Moon, Rose Bud, Snow Drift
• Camillia: High Fragrance, Kramer’s Surprise
• Coleus: Red Ruffles
• Fatsia: Japonica, Spider’s Web
• Ferns: Autumn “Brilliance”, Beautiful Wood, “Ghost” Painted, “Godzilla” Painted, Japanese Beech, Kimberly Queen, Korean Rock, Tassel
• Gardenia: Steady As She Goes
• Liriope (Monkey “grass”): Variegated, Emerald Goddess
• Jasmine: Madison
• Lantana: Passion Fruit
• Liriope: Emerald Goddess, Variegated
• Pittosporum: Variegated, Wheeler’s Dwarf
• Shasta Daisy: Becky, Crazy Daisey
• Viburnum: Chinese Snowball, Popcorn
• Wisteria: Amethyst Falls

Other Companions and Borders
Giant Leopard plant, Lily of the Nile Blue Agapanthus, Compact White SunPatiens, Cryptomeria Globosa Nana, Diamond Frost Euphorbia, Yellow Joseph’s Coat, Sweetspire Fizzy Mizzy, Sweet William (Dianthus), Texas Square Primrose, Red Hot poker, Red Shrimp plant, Wild Geranium

Pass Alongs
Bee Balm, Iris (Bearded, Bog, Siberian), Butterfly Weed, Confederate Rose, Daylilies, Garlic Chives, Coleus, Ginger lilies, Hostas, Mexican Petunia, Rose of Sharon, Purple Passion Vine, Strawberries, and more

Thursday, April 18 - 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Friday, April 19 - 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Saturday, April 20 - 8:30 a.m. to Noon