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Plants Selected for 2021 Spring Sale (Subject to Change and While Supplies Last)

BIGLEAF: After Midnight, Bloomstruck, Blushing Bride, Endless Summer, Nikko Blue, Penny Mac, Summer Crush, Twist and Shout, Zebra
OAKLEAF: Common Oakleaf, Gatsby Moon, Gatsby Pink, Ruby Slippers, Snowflake, Snow Queen
PANICLE: Limelight, Little Lime, Phantom, Silver Dollar
SMOOTH: Invincibelle Limette

ASTER: Stoke’s
AZALEAS, native: Don’s Variegated
AZALEAS, Aromi hybrids: Camilla’s Blush, Country Cousin, High Tide, Spring Sensation, Pat Ryan, Southern Sunset, Spring Fanfare
BUTTERFLY BUSH (Buddleia): CranRazz, Pugster Blue
CANNA LILY: Bronze Scarlet, Lemon, Mango
CHASTETREE (Vitex): Pink Pinnacle, Shoal Creek
COREOPSIS: Gold and Bronze, Yellow and Red
GRASS: Muhly, Blue Prairie Grass
HONEYSUCKLE: Peaches and Cream
LANTANA: Lucky Lavender, Lucky Peach, Lucky Red, Lucky Sunrise Rose
MILKWEED: Butterfly weed, Whorled
MINT: Chocolate, Peppermint
SAGE: Pineapple
SALVIA: Black n Blue, Mystic Spires Blue, Sky Blue
SEDUM: Dragon’s Blood, Lemon Ball, October Daphne
YARROW: Gold, Paprika
ZINNIA: Profusion Double Hot Cherry, Profusion Double Yellow, Doublefire

Lady Emily Anemone, Wild Indigo Baptista, Pearl Glam Beautyberry, Bee balm, Junior Walker’s Catmint, Purple Coneflower, Wild White Indigo, Ironweed, Joe Pye Weed, Blue Moon Phlox, Mrs Moon Pulmonaria, Sweetshrub, Walter’s Violet

ANGELONIA: Cherry Red, Dark Purple, Pink, White
AUCUBA: Dwarf Green, Variegated Gold
BEGONIA: Red Dragon Wing, Fire Woman
CALADIUM: Aaron, Miss Muffet, Rose Bud, White Christmas
CAMELIA: Mine-No-Yuki, Shishi Gashira, Suzy Dirr
COLEUS: Heartbreaker, Red Ruffles, Wasabi
CORAL BELLS: Southern Comfort, Zebra
FERNS: Cinnamon, Fluffy Ruffles, Holly Fern, Japanese Beech, Korean Rock, Lemon Button, Southern Shield, Sensitive Fern
GERANIUM: Cranesbill, Dark Red, Orange Splash, Pink Flame, Fireworks
HOSTA: Guacamole, Stiletto
JOSEPH’S COAT: Purple Prince, Red Threads, Yellow Prince
LENTEN ROSE: Candy Love, Jacob, Mixed
VIBURNUM: Eastern Snowball, Shasta
WEIGELA: Red Prince, Variegated

Beautyberry, Blue Agapanthus, Lady Emily Anemone, Semester Hardy Bottlebrush, Red Buckeye, Arborvitae Fern (club moss), Purple Coneflower, Spring Frost Distylium, Jewel Box Distylium, Glamor White Euphorbia, Spider Web Fatsia, Sweetshrub, Variegated Gardenia, Guacamole Hosta, Madison Jasmine, Red Pixie Lilac (Syringa), Red Buckeye, Big Blue Liriope, Spreading Plum Yew, Witch Hazel (Fothergilla)

Coleus, Yellow Flag Iris, Purple Flag Iris, Garlic Chives, Cast Iron Plant, Lucifer Crocosmia, Ginger Lily, Asiatic Jasmine, Canna lily, Mexican petunia, Caesar’s Brother Iris, Lenten Rose, Confederate Rose, Peruvian Lily

Garlic chives, Black-eyed Susan, Bear’s Breeches, Wild clematis, Giant Red Zinnias, Garlic Chives, Red Sun Sunflower, Red sunflower, Coreopsis, Coneflower

Thursday, April 29 - 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Friday, April 30 - 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Saturday, May 1 - 8:30 a.m. to Noon