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Plants Selected for 2023 Spring Sale

The following list is subject to change due to availability and while supplies last.

• Big Leaf: Bloomstruck (ES), Blushing Bride (ES), Endless Summer, Summer Crush (ES), Twist and Shout (ES)
• Oakleaf: Alice, Common Oakleaf, Gatsby Moon, Snowflake, Snow Queen
• Panicle: BoBo, Limelight, Limelight Prime, Little Lime, Little Lime Punch, Quick Fire Fab
• Smooth: Annabelle, Wee White Invincibelle

• Asters: Calico, Elliot’s, New England, Purple, Smooth
• Azaleas: Admiral Semmes, Linda Guy, Pat Ryan, Radiant Red, Southern Sunset, Stonewall Jackson, Tallulah Sunrise
• Black-Eyed Susan: Goldstrum
• Blanket Flowers: Lunar Harvest Moon, Lunar Red Moon
• Butterfly Bush: Blue Heaven, CranRazz, Pugster Amethyst, Tutti Frutti
• Cardinal Flowers: Red, Blue
• Coreopsis: Chippola River
• Gaura Bells (Bee Blossom): Dark Pink, White
• Goldenrod: Fireworks
• Grass: Carex Evergold
• Honeysuckle: Peaches and Cream
• Milkweed: Butterfly weed, Whorled
• Million Bells: Blue Midnight, Lemon Slice, Love Swept, Red Bright
• Mint: Chocolate, Mojito, Peppermint
• Passionflower: Purple
• Sage: Scarlet
• Salvia: Mystic Spires Blue
• Sedum: Lemon Ball
• Superbell: Lemon Slice, Love Swept
• Yarrow: Gold, Paprika
• Zinnia: Zesty Mix, Zesty Orange, Zesty Pink, Zesty Purple

Other Natives and Butterfly Plants
Sweet Italian Basil, Bee Balm, Lady Emily Anemone, Phenomenal Lavender, Blazing Star Liatris, Variegated Oregano, Flat Leaf Italian Parsley, Tuscan Blue Rosemary, Wild Indigo White, Bee balm, Golden Lemon Thyme, Homestead Purple Verbena

• Angelonia: Cherry Red, Dark Purple, Pink, White
• Aucuba: Gold Dust, Spotted
• Begonia: Big Green Leaf Pink, Dragon Wing
• Coleus: Apocalypse, Bonnie Gold, Madalyn, Red Ruffles
• Coral Bells (Heuchera): Delta Dawn, Solar Eclipse
• Ferns: Autumn, Southern Wood, Tassel
• Gardenia: Radicans, Variegated
• Hosta: Francee, Patriot
• Jasmine: Asiatic, Confederate
• Lantana: Lucky Flame, Lucky Pink, Lucky Red, Lucky Sunrise Rose, Lucky White
• Lilac: Miss Kim, Red Pixie
• Liriope: Emerald Goddess, Variegated
• Osmanthus: Apricot Echo, Devilwood
• Viburnum: Eastern Snowball, Shasta
• Weigela: Variegated
• Wisteria: Amethyst Falls

Other Companions and Borders
Banana Shrub, Red Buckeye, Pink Minor Deutzia, Diamond Frost Euphorbia, Spider Web Fatsia, Linwood Gold Forsythia, Steed’s Holly, Miss Scarlet Illicium, Mexican Heather, Jazzberry Petunia, Pieris Temple Bells, Plum Yew, Ornamental Sweet Potato, Hinode Giri Azalea, Gunsmoke Camellia, Betty Blue Bacopa, Lily of the Nile Agapanthus, Yellow Prince Joseph’s Coat

• Bee Balm: Mixed, Panorama, White
• Celosia: Pink, Red, Yellow, Mixed
• Iris: Bearded Blue, Bog Blue, Bog Yellow, Siberian, White Cemetery
• Milkweed: Aquatic, Blue Tweedie, Balloon Plants, Swamp, Swan, Tropical Scarlet, Tropical Silky Gold
• Mint: Catnip, Chocolate, Spearmint
• Yarrow: Summer Berries, White

Other Pass Alongs
Hardy Begonia, Black-Eyed Susan (Native, Cherry Brandy), Butterfly Weed (Mixed), Garlic Chives, Columbine, Coneflower (Mixed), Confederate Rose, Creeping Jenny, Diamond Delight Euphorbia, Fern (Foxtail, Wood), White Ginger Lilies, Stir Fry Hosta, Blackberry Lily, Passion Vine, Mixed Pentas, Mixed Phlox, Black n Blue Salvia, Lemon Ball Sedum, Strawberries, Lucifer Crocosmia, Vick’s Plant, Variegated Solomon’s Seal, Rose of Sharon, White/Blue Passion Vine, Assorted Tomatoes

Thursday, April 27 - 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Friday, April 28 - 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Saturday, April 29 - 8:30 a.m. to Noon