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Your Images, Your Stories

We frequently hear from visitors wanting to show us the casual photos they've taken at Aldridge Gardens, or tell us stories about the Gardens and the Aldridge family. Many of these put a smile on our faces, tug at our heartstrings, and remind us why we're here.

Many are too good to keep to ourselves. If you have images, memories or comments about the Gardens you'd like to share, email us at We might just feature you on our website or social media!



To Aldridge Gardens:

I took a picture this morning of the beautiful Snowflake Hydrangeas blooming now in our backyard!

My mother and father have both passed away in the last three years. We decided to relocate from Birmingham, AL to Decatur, AL, and live in the home they built here. 

One of my mother's favorite treasures were her "Snowflakes." All of the girls in the family also benefited from snipped blooms once they began to dry out, which are used for decoration all year long. I assure you the tradition will live on! 

These Snowflake Hydrangeas are part of our heritage and priceless memories of my Mama & "Meme"... and will live on and on! 

Thank you for the Snowflake Hydrangea! My Mama is surely admiring them from Heaven, as I do the same from my back window. 

Ginny Wilson