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Meet the Artist Reception - Murray Johnston

Thursday, April 13, 2017 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Meet the Artist Reception - Murray Johnston

Location: Eddie and Kay Aldridge Arts and Historical Collections Museum
Description: Murray Johnston creates incredible works of art in the form of quilts. Here's what the artist has to say about her work:

"Mountains and sky, rocks, wood and water mingle to create an intriguing, inspirational resource. I see and hear and taste the land that surrounds me. To pull out the abstracted memories of place and time and piece them into rhythms that evoke a response is my primary goal. Colors and natural images are a universal language and the conversations I have with these works are a constant, exhilarating challenge.

Beginning with an idea /memory, the surface design of the quilt grows and changes as I work to have it become the unique expression of the original memory. This surface is a combination of fabric collage and machine piecing. Cotton fabrics and batting and rayon threads are the medium. Textile inked fabric and hand printed words on fabric may be incorporated into the work. The process is primarily done on a large work wall. The whole image is finally enhanced with free form thread drawing, outlining and filling in the abstract images of the surface design. The images that make up the quilt come from my heart and my head with little drawing ahead of time.

My quilts continue the structural tradition of a three layered fabric component held together with stitching. The nontraditional elements are there in the fabric collage that comes closer to painting with fabric than more common piecing or appliqué does, as well as the free form thread drawing when the needle and thread become my paint and brush."

Join us on the 13th to hear more, directly from Murray Johnston herself.
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